Soviet-US conflicts

Soviet Union and the US had many differences, Cold War generally was a non-violent competition, with potential to be the last world war

Nuclear Arms:

- at first, US and the Soviet Union began building fleets of bombers to drop atomic bombs

- switched to ballistic missiles in the mid 1950s

- both built many 1,000s of missiles- enough to wipe each other (and the rest of the world) out

Stalin- made many aggressive moves

- threatened the independence of Turkey

President Harry Truman

- decided to send $$ and military supplies to Turkey

Truman Doctrine: it would be US policy to send military and economic aid to any nation threatened by Communist takeover

Containment: official policy of the United States to prevent the spread of communism outside of the Soviet Union and the "Communist Bloc"


Effects of Containment

- Marshall Plan- Sec. of State George Marshall

developed a plan to rebuild Western Europe

- idea: did not want Europeans to turn to communism because of poverty

- US spent $13,000,000,000 (1947) to rebuild Western Europe completely